HSBC Life pays out 100% of prostate and testicular cancer claims

November 24, 2022 by No Comments

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HSBC Life has paid out on 100 per cent of prostate and testicular cancer claims between January and September this year, according to data published today (November 24).

The insurer said examples included a customer who received a £9,300 payment after making a prostate cancer claim, and a testicular cancer claim for £48,530.

Both claims, the insurer said, were paid within 24 hours and submitted on HSBC Life Critical Illness Plus policies.

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Around one in eight men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some stage in their life, according to Prostate Cancer UK.

Around 2,400 men a year suffer from testicular cancer, according to Cancer Research, with men aged between 30 to 34-years-old most at risk.

With November being ‘Men’s Health Awareness Month’, HSBC Life said it wanted to highlight the importance of health check-ups.

It has also urged advisers to be aware of the full range of support available for customers and the differences in critical illness policies – such as variances to standard cover definitions among provider.

HSBC Life’s critical illness product provides policyholders with access to physiotherapy, a second medical opinion, mental health support, and annual health MOTs.

“Men’s Health Awareness Month is a vital campaign as it seeks to encourage open conversation around male health-related issues and reduce any stigma,” said HSBC Life chief executive, Mark Hussein.

“It also signposts the valuable information and resources available to provide support and comfort for men and their families during times of need.”

According to experts, ‘added value services’ form a core part of modern protection plans and “cannot be understated”. 

Proposition and distribution director at CIExpert, Paul Roberts, said: “Perhaps the most important of all linked to cancer is access to a face-to-face second medical opinion, providing reassurance regarding any diagnosis supported by a comprehensive treatment plan.

“Insurers such as HSBC Life, who include this as standard for all their life & critical illness plus plan policyholders, must be commended for doing so.”

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